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Some of the best businesses and organizations in Oregon are conducting business online and others soon will be. This is a directory of some of our local businesses and organizations of the Portland, Oregon Area and national businesses that are using high-tech means to communicate with their neighbors and the world.

These businesses and organizations come highly recommended. Each one is experienced. You can trust their service and products.

You can also visit our area guide which features more local websites (add yours for FREE), free classified ads, weather, and free webpages.

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ADVERTISING - Industrial video productions and website design, construction and internet marketing. You can have your own business Website - from design, construction and hosting - in one complete package, including streaming video and local and world-wide marketing. can give you benefits that no one else can.


Attractive & Quality Menswear - You can dress for success here. The prices are good and the style is classic. Don't you deserve the best? Don't you deserve to look your best?

The Delta Burke Collection - Clothes from a beautiful designing woman in just your size from petite to tall -- all for big beautiful women.

Haband - Casual style in menswear and ladieswear. Haband offers great deals on jeans (in almost every size!!!), other clothes items as well as household linens and more.

International Male - Clothes for the young and stylish.

More To Love - Fashionable clothes for the plus size woman.

Roomeos - Stylish clothing for the big and tall man.

Yo Feets Too Big - Wide Shoes for Men featuring dress shoes athletic shoes and casual shoes: New Balance, Florsheim, wide Florsheim shoes, extra wide Florsheim shoes, extra extra wide, 5eeeee shoes, 4eeee shoes, 3eee shoes.

Zappos! - Wide widths, narrow widths, kids shoes, you name it. You can find almost any kind of shoes to fit your feet or your families feet. You'll also find shoe information and reviews.

Out West Designs
Out West Designs deals in antique trade beads, hand carved stone beads, gemstone carvings, designer fabricated sterling, gold and stone jewelry. Including unique Art-to-Wear pieces.


City Glass & Upholstery
With glass patterns dating back to the early 1900s City Glass & Upholstery can outfit nearly any automobile with new window glass. If they can do that with hard-to-find glass, just think what they can do for you. City Glass & Upholstery can also repair or install a new rag-top for you, also. They also repair auto and boat upholstery, too.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Traveling to Portland, Oregon? Have your rental car waiting for you at the Portland airport.


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Ideas and Training
It doesn't make any difference if your business is a one person establishment or a huge conglomerate this site has the training products for your organization: video tapes, online training, audio tapes, software, CD-ROMS, books, and workshops.

Pacific Northwest Business Directories - Take a look at business directories for over a dozen local business directories.

Peg Doman - Professional Writing
If you need professional writing for brochures, news releases, direct mail pieces, award submissions or newsletters, then you should call Peg. She can help your business.






Sunriver Music Festival

Find Your City Events





City Glass Art
Looking for a fantastic one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home? A wedding present? An anniversary present? This site offers beautiful hand-blown glass at very reasonable prices. You'll be amazed.



Oregon Golf
Looking for a place to golf anywhere in Oregon. Take a look here and plan your next 18.


Headaches911 - If you suffer from recurring headaches, then this site is for you. There are solutions to headache pain and they don't involve drugs. Take a look at the Seven Lucky Tips to eliminate headaches, now!

Exam Fear - If you don't like being poked and prodded in a doctor's office, then this site is for you. You'll find alternative medicine, remedies, and medical links.

FamilyCareAdvantage - Affordable health care for your family.

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Find Top Nursing Homes

Asthma and Allergies - Allergies and Asthma relief for: food allergy, allergy product, dog allergy, allergy relief product, latex allergy, cat allergy, wheat allergy, peanut allergy, milk allergy, mold allergy, allergy symptom, allergy medication, skin allergy, allergy control product, allergy medicine, allergy prevention, pet allergy, allergy treatment, allergy free air filter, drug allergy, allergy relief, gluten allergy, dust mite allergy, asthma and allergy.

Headaches 911 - If you suffer from recurring headaches, then this site is for you. Features Seven Lucky Tips for instant headache relief and suggestions for life changing solutions.

Great Skin - It's our biggest organ and we show it to the world. We just need to take better care of it. It's our skin. We got some great skin products for both men and women.
Men's Skin Care Store from Dynamic Anti-Aging Duos
Sunscreens and Summer Protection skin care

Longer Arms Reading Glasses - Reading glasses: eye glasses for reading, reading sun glasses, magnifying reading glasses, Oprah tube reading glasses, stick on reading glasses.

Low Fat/No Fat - For low fat recipes from almost every ethic genre AND even desserts!

Medical Care for the Mobility Impared! - We haved accessories you need to help with invalids: special treatment packages, wheel chair, scooters, walkers and more.
Jazzy Motorized Scooters
Wheelchair Accessories

Relax the Back - Do you have lower back problems? We all spend so much time sitting, either at the office on in the home, that the wrong chair can cause us great harm. We have both recliners and office chairs to ease the pain, Check out our Relax The Back Recliners and our Relax The Back Office Chairs.

SelfHelpWorks - Quit smoking on the Net. Take this engaging 3-week course over your dial-up Internet connection. It works. Plus other self-improvement courses.

The Sharper Image - We are so much more than just make you look good. We can help you feel good . . . or atleast better. Take a look at our Scooters available at The Sharper Image, Great Massage Products to help you relax!, and Great health and fitness products from The Sharper Image.

Sleep Now! - Are you having a tough time in bed? Can't sleep, or even if you do, you still can't get the rest you need? We've go pillows, mattresses, body pillows, and Tempur Pedic mattress toppings to help sleep . . . sleep . . . sleep.

Tai Chi for Busy PeopleMind and body fitness to fit any schedule. Tai Chi for Busy People features four minute sports videos to improve your body and coordination.

VitaminLab- Vitamins can help with depression, asthmas, diabetes, and even carpal tunnel. Find out what can be done for your body.


Decorative Glass Blocks for Home Remodeling

City Glass & Upholstery
City Glass & Upholstery installs storm windows, insulated windows, mirrors, garden windows and more. Check out their glass railing for decks and docks!!!

Paintings by Esther
You can decorate your home with beautiful and easily affordable artwork from Northwest Artist Esther Petersen.

9 great products to turn your home into a spa! - You won't believe how easy it can be done.

Bankruptcy Information and Products - Looking for bankruptcy information? The bankruptcy kit? Get it here: books and forms.

Protecting Your Family When Buying or Selling Your Home - Check out this money saving information for buying or selling a home.

Get a FREE year of Better Homes and Gardens magazine! Click here for details.

City Glass & Upholstery
City Glass & Upholstery - Improve your view. City Glass has fantastic glass railing for decks and docks and they will ship anywhere in the U.S.

Delta Deals - Do you have home remodeling to do? Looking for the right power tool? And the right price? Take a look at Delta and their other fine power offerings.

Global Gallery - This is your Online Art Source for art, prints and posters.

Get all the advantages of an online mortgage company; fast and easy navigation through a huge number of loan products that fit your financial needs, plus, the advantages of off line mortgage companies; personal service and attention. Why not save money and get the right advice and attention! "You don't have to sit and moan, just move right in with Loan a Home"

Omar the Rugman Oriental Carpets - If you are looking for a great decorating impact and great bargains then look no further than our handmade Persian and Oriental carpets. Why pay high prices when you can get carpets that take hundreds of hours to produce direct from the source and save you money.

Sovietski Collection - The Sovietski Collection gives you gifts galore from the former Soviet Union: Treasures from a Bygone Era.

Ricceri - Tuscan Ceramics & Italian Pottery - Barn



Instant Life Insurance Rates

You can have your own business Website - from design, construction and hosting - in one complete package, including local and world-wide marketing. can give you benefits that no one else can.


High Desert Museum
High Desert beauty is waiting for you. Come and take a look at the rare and unique offerings.

Museum at Warm Springs

Museum Shop - Find museum quality gifts items to give your home a touch of class!



Albany Chamber of Commerce

Eugene Chamber of Commerce

Portland Chamber of Commerce

Salem Chamber of Commerce


Meet your Match! CLICK HERE to go to The Art of Kissing/Central Oregon Personals
A Proud Member of the One & Only Associate Network


Pet Food - From ferrets to birds, you can get up to a 40% discount for quality pet food., Incorporated - Adventure gear for your pets.





AMTRAK provides multiple roundtrip passenger train service to Vancouver, B.C. and Eugene, OR every day as well as once daily service to Chicago and Los Angeles.

Central Oregon Real Estate Information
Marty Darrah of Crooked River Realty is your person of interest if you want to find out about real estate in Central Oregon. Visit his website and check out the listings . . . and give him a call.

Central Oregon Visitor Center

The Crooked River Ranch Sun

Luggage OnLine - Need a valise? Need a val-pac? Get the luggage you need right here!

Washington State Ferries
Route information and fare information from the Washington State Ferries.


Ideas and Training
One of the largest and possibly the best business training and employee development site on the internet. You'll find a great selection of products ranging from FREE or just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. There is a fantastic variety of programs on this site (dozens of categories) -- everything from Change Management and Information Technology to Customer Service and Sexual Harassment Prevention. You'll also find online degree and certification programs available from Phoenix University to Pierce College. In addition you'll find Idea Generators and free business articles and content for your newsletters or website.

Earl Nightingale started it all. On this site you'll find self-Improvement and motivational products from one of the oldest motivation/self-improvment companies in the world.

Bargain Training Products
Even with limited quantifies available, you still be able to find some great training products here at Bargain Basement prices.

Brian Tracy
This site offers an excellent selection of prolific business guru Brian Tracy's training products. There are several free audio products to get your started. You just pay shipping.

Franklin Covey
This well established training site offers not only books and videos, but productivity tools as well.

Looking for online learning? This site has over 2300 degree and certification computer/business related programs.

The Sedona Method
Is self-improvement high on your list? Check out the wonderful online learning opportunities to make you feel better about yourself.

Oregon State University
Located in the lovely riverside community of Corvallis, Oregon this university produces quality business and arts professionals.

Pacific Luthern University
Pacific Luthern University is located approximately 145 miles North of Portland in the town of Parkland.

The University of Oregon
The University of Oregon is dedicated to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education and research in the arts and sciences, business, law, and architecture.

The University of Puget Sound
The University of Puget Sound was established in 1888 by what is now the United Methodist Church and is governed today by an independent Board of Trustees.


PNW Video Productions
Video is not only a dramatic way to present your product or service, it's also cost effective. Professional video presentations can tell your story right, the first time and every time. Find out the step-by-step procedure for business video productions by visiting the Website of PNW Video Productions.

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